Monday, December 29, 2014

CHRISTMAS was wonderful!

Hello Lovelies!!
Christmas was wonderful!! I was able to talk to my family, through tears, but I am so happy and grateful for them! Thank you for all your support and prayers :)
This week, I was able to go to Missionary Leadership Council Meeting. They invited me to come and observe the meeting this time! They talked about the missionary goals, and then discussed how they can help all missionaries reach their potential.
We had a miracle this week!! So our Zone Leaders told us that we would be having a "car fast", in which we could not use our car this last Saturday. It was definitely not a convenient time because we had an appointment really far away at 9am. But, members pulled together 2 times that day to get us to our set appointments. Also, we were able to talk to a man named Juan a couple of times that day. We stayed tracting in the trailer park all day and during finding time because it is GOLDEN. We never really got a lesson in with him, but during our last house of finding time we again ran into him. We really talked to him, and we told him how we have a message that can change his life. We talked about Jesus Christ and how he can strengthen us to have the best life we could ever imagine. He told us how he was really trying to change his life right now. He has been to jail 6 times, and just got out of jail a little while ago. He is not hanging out with the same friends, and he is focusing more on his family. We challenged him to baptism on January 25, and he said he would work towards it with us! :) We gave him a Book of Mormon, and we are going back today :) What a miracle!!!! If we had been in our car, we probably wouldn't have had that lesson with him!
I know that God is real, and that He is helping us become better. We go through hard times so that we can grow and help others going through the same things.
I love you, and hope you continue to keep Christ the center of your lives so that you may see the many blessings He gives to us. Discover, Embrace, and Share His gift to everyone you meet :) You never know how it may change their life.

Love you!!
Love, Sister Clayson

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